September 29, 2017

Finding a Vet

Getting quality care for your greyhound is important. We're here to help.

Written by HGA

HGA encourages all greyhound owners to find a veterinarian with experience dealing with the unique veterinary needs of these dogs as they have special requirements with respect to anesthesia, flea/tick control, grooming, etc.

If you are not sure if your local veterinarian is experienced with greyhounds, don’t be afraid to ask him/her about how many greyhounds he has treated in the last several years or to quiz him/her about greys’ special veterinary needs.

HGA greyhounds are initially treated (including spaying/neutering, teeth cleaning, nail trimming, vaccinations and de-worming) by Dr. Michael Henning and partners in our efforts to provide quality care for your greyhound.

When you search for a new greyhound-savvy vet, referrals from other greyhound owners or your adoption group representatives are your best resources. Everyone likes their vet for different reasons. Not every vet will match every owner’s expectations.

HGA’s Vet

Michael Henning is our point of contact and our go to for vetting of the greyhounds. He works two weeks at one and two weeks at the other.

Starch Pet Hospital

2222 University Ave
Des Moines, Iowa, 50311

University West

8145 University Blvd
Clive, Iowa, 50325

HGA’s After Hours and Weekend Vet (also for all bone surgeries)

Iowa State University Small Animal Hospital

Dr. Mary Bergh
1809 S Riverside Dr
Ames, Iowa, 50010

Iowa Veterinary Specialties

6110 Creston Ave
Des Moines, Iowa, 50321

Here are some other good greyhounds vets that we've had experience with.

Pet Medical Center of Urbandale

Dr. Kristin De Vries
4450 128th St
Urbandale, Iowa, 50323

Altoona Vet Hospital

Dr. Sheri Morrissey
3070 8th St SW
Altoona, Iowa, 50009

Good Samaritan Pet Doctor

4847 N 72nd St
Omaha, Nebraska, 68134

Best Care Pet Hospital

3030 L St
Omaha, Nebraska, 68107

Pitts Veterinary Hospital

2225 Highway 2
Lincoln, Nebraska, 68502

Nebraska Animal Medical Center

5720 Old Cheney Rd
Lincoln, Nebraska, 68516